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Find your friends on Linkspreed and meet new people.
Share your best moments and find out what your friends are doing right now. Linkspreed is the new social network for people who love to show the world what they are doing.
Create groups, write in a safe way with friends from everyday life and work colleagues or call you via Linkspreed.
Create a story, article or sell your used clothes via Linkspreed. Linkspreed is made for everyone. No matter if you are young or a little older, no matter if you like dogs or cats - on Linkspreed you will always find people who share your interests.
Why should I use Linkspreed?

Write to friends, family or work colleagues directly via the Linkspreed Messenger. The chat is secure and encrypted. Only you and your friend or group can read the messages. With our new tool you can also easily program your own messenger.

Voice and video calls:
Call your friends directly via Linkspreed and talk about your experiences. You can also see each other on a video call. Linkspreed connects the world in a new way and ensures a lot of fun next to school, studies or work.

Create a live stream and share what you're doing in real time. Your friends will want to spend as much time with you as possible, which is possible via the new livestream.

Share pictures, videos, articles and more:
Share pictures, videos, articles and much more to show what you are doing right now. You can save your best memories on Linkspreed and watch them with friends. You can like and comment on posts that you like.
You can also just write a nice text.

With our settings you have full control over your data and everything you want to set. Create your own profile, download your data, change your cover and much more.
The possibilities are limitless. Feel free.

You can also play small games on Linkspreed directly in the app. Give it a try and give us feedback.

Create groups for friends, classes, or your school. nYour work may already have its own Linkspreed group or how about a private family group? Everyone can create their own group on Linkspreed and share them with friends.

Fan pages:
Fan pages are now also possible.

Linkspreed has its own marketplace where you can sell your old things and live sustainably.
Find and sell.
Everything is safe and all your money is yours.
So earn a small amount while studying.

Much more:
There are many more options that we cannot all list. But you can test them all on Linkspreed. All you need is a Linkspreed account. Then you have access to all people who are on the left-hand side.

Support and contact:
Give us feedback or write to us if you need help.
Instagram: @linkspreed
Facebook: Linkspreed Fanpage
Twitter: Linkspreed
Mail: [email protected]


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